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Smartwatch Wearer FAQ

It is best to keep your phone and your watch within 30 feet of each other to increase the chances of a stable connection. In order to function RightMinder needs your phone and watch to be paired.

Each smartwatch is different in its own way, and even we have found in our testing that some smartwatches seem to pair quickly and stay connected – whereas others do not.

Although most smartwatches say they will remain connected to your phone via Wifi, this will depend on the layout of your home.

The RightMinder watch-face must be visible so that RightMinder can function.

When you first install RightMinder, the RightMinder watch-face will also install on your smartwatch. In limited situations this may not happen.

If you cannot see the RightMinder watch-face, on your smartwatch simply hold your finger on the screen, then once the watch-face selection is available you can swipe and select the RightMinder watch-face.

NOTE: Some people are reporting general issues with Android Wear 2.0 and the installation of watch faces. We will update this FAQ as soon as we know more. [30 April 2017]

Every smartphone and smartwatch is different and will react to movement in different ways. You will need to adjust the sensitivity to suit your phone or watch.

To do this, press on the Gear/Cog icon on the Dashboard in the RightMinder app on your phone (the main screen of the application). Then use the slider to adjust the sensitivity.

The higher the number the more sensitive the Fall Detection.

You may need to trial this as you go about your normal daily routine.

You can also switch the Fall Detect for both smartwatch and smartphone OFF by sliding the marker all the way to the left.

Carer FAQ

When you Carer sends an emergency notification to you, an alarm will sound on your phone. If you are using an Android phone, swipe down from the top of your screen to stop the alarm and view the notification.

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How to Use RightMinder as a Wearer

The video below will assist with getting the most out of RightMinder as a Wearer. If you require help, message us at

Android Wear 2.0

Android Wear 1.0

How to Use RightMinder as a Carer

The video below will assist with getting the most out of RightMinder as a Carer. If you require help, message us at