RightMinder – Help

RightMinder is the worlds simplest and easiest elder care and aged care safety application available. However, there are a few points to note.

    If GPS location is not available, then RightMinder will send the last known location to the Emergency Contact. If there is no GPS location logged, then a location will not be sent.

    • Locating via GPS is not available when inside.
    • You must enable permissions on your smartwatch and phone to allow RightMinder to read and send GPS information.
    • Click here to learn how to set Wear OS smartwatch app permissions.
    • RightMinder cannot check if an SMS has been sent on your phone. If you are unsure if the alert has been sent, then please trigger the alert again.
    • If RightMinder sends an email to your Emergency Contact it relies on the email address of the Emergency Contact being correct and able to receive email.
    At the moment, the number of Emergency Contacts is limited to ONE. This will be expanded over the coming weeks.

    In order for RightMinder to function, the RightMinder Watchface must be installed and active. When you install RightMinder for the first time, a notification will show on your Wear OS watch prompting an install. You must do this to receive the full benefit of the application.


    If you need any additional assistance, please contact us at info@rightminder.com.